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Melt-Banana is definitely not for everyone.  They are loud.  Their lead singer sounds like a small, angry dog.  They are from Japan, so English isn't their first language, but they sing in English and get some fairly odd results ("More pegs wash your stingy tag, baggy lung").  On the whole they absolutely kick ass.  Charlie is their second LP (I think) coming after Scratch or Stitch.  Since then they've grown more, um, musical.  They are still hardasscore Japanoise making use of every possible horrid noise that their instruments can make, but now they are more organized and have a more recognizable beat (but it would still look like you were having an attack if you tried to dance to it).  They make Atari Teenage Riot seem like Barry Manilow.  Actually, sometimes they sound very much like ATR, minus the revolutionary agenda and with higher pitched vocals, more absorbing songs, and weird-ass song titles like "Circle-Jack (Chase the magic words, Lego Lego)".  Highlights include "Section Eight" and "Spathic!!", but you have to listen to the whole thing to really capture the madness.  You should know that you probably won't like it on the first listen, but it really grows on you.  If you like really loud techno/industrial and are open to being shouted at by Japanese girls, this is all for you (I know I love it).

Total score: 532 out of 553

Word association: Japanoise, headache, techno/industrial, insane, amazing